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“Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of [CBD Beer] liberty.” – George Washington

The Beer


Brewed in dedication to all those who, no matter how large the obstacle, stand relentless in defense of their beliefs.

George Washington’s Secret stash is the original cannabis infused craft beer. Since 2010, we have been inspired to challenge to the status quo. In 2015, we took our beliefs to the next level and released the country’s first [legal] cannabinoid-rich craft CBD beer.  On December 14, 2016, a rogue department sought to kill our efforts and influenced a request to surrender our right to brew the beer. Knowing the truth behind the laws, as well as the will of the people, we refused to surrender. Instead, we joined the hemp industry in an epic battle to legalize cannabis. Since then, we have inspired major players in the alcohol industry -historically against the plant- to set their reservations aside and embrace the cannabis industry. We began the fight and we intend to finish it. Our weapon of choice just happens to be a delicious, artfully crafted, India Pale Ale.

The Facts

The 2018 US Farm Bill [senate version] has hemp provisions that would permanently remove hemp from the Controlled Substance Act, giving all brewers -not just us- the opportunity to brew beer with non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

CLICK HERE to help pass the Senate-approved 2018 US Farm Bill

“Cannabis sativa L. is an important herbaceous species originating from Central Asia, which has been used in folk medicine and as a source of textile fiber since the dawn of times.” – NIH National Library of Medicine

Hemp, under commonly accepted statutes, is defined as Cannabis Sativa L. with a concentration of THC less than 0.3% by weight. It is not a different species. However, it would be fair to compare hemp and THC-abundant varieties to that of different varieties of domestic canine.

Thanks to Now This Weed, we have chosen to discontinue the use of this word and will substitute it with Cannabis or Cannabis Sativa. However, for the sake of argument, we will use the word marihuana only in connection to definitions and obsolete laws we are hoping to correct.

The Marihuana Extract Policy is an example of a government enforcement division giving itself legislative authority.

Hoban Law’s statements on the policy

We’ll admit that research on cannabinoids, including the US Government’s own patent #6630507, is quite inspirational. However, as a brewer, we are quite fond of the aromatic and antioxidant (shelf life) properties of the plant. By sharing research, we, in no way, believe it makes our beer any safer. Alcohol is a dangerous intoxicant; adding anything to alcohol does not mean a safer/healthier beverage.

Other people have found interesting research for cannabinoids and their findings on:

Alcohol-induced hepatic encephalitis of the liver, neuropathy, inflammation, seizures, addiction, withdraw symptoms, general awareness of intoxication, and much more.

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